Neighborhood Security

One of the most important aspects of University Place Association’s community involvement is security.  University Place Association (UPA) maintains a close working relationship with the police officers who work in or around University Place and also facilitates the bringing together of our community with the police officers who serve it.

Security Breakfasts

For 15 years, UPA has been hosting Security Breakfasts to which officers from the Houston Police Department’s South Central Division, Precinct One Harris County Constables, Rice University Police Department, West University Police Department, Southampton/Boulevard Oaks Patrol, METRO Police Department, Texas Medical Center P.D., S.E.A.L. Security, and others, are invited.  The breakfasts are informal get-togethers intended to foster communication, awareness and an opportunity to discuss security issues that affect our community.  The officers get to know the community and each other better, and UPA board members, each of whom represents a neighborhood, civic club, area (such as the Rice Village, or institution (such as Rice University) in University Place, are afforded the opportunity to discuss their specific security concerns and hear about citywide security issues, new police technology and communication and more.  In addition to UPA Board Members, civic club board members and/or security committee chairs are invited to attend.  In the past two and half years, UPA has hosted six Security Breakfasts.  The next Security Breakfast is scheduled for late September 2014.

UPA has also co-hosted a Crime Prevention Town Hall with Museum Park Super Neighborhood and South Main Alliance, and the University Place community was invited to be part of a Crime Prevention Town Hall hosted in August 2014 by three University Place civic clubs.  UPA’s Executive Director attends the Museum Park Super Neighborhood (immediately adjacent to us on the east) security meetings to share security related information and stay aware of security issues that are going on close to us.  Sharing information and working together with our neighbors helps ensure better safety and communication for all.

H.P.D.’s Positive Interaction Program (PIP)

H.P.D. South Central Division holds a monthly Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meeting.  These meetings provide helpful crime prevention and security information, help keep community residents up to speed about what’s going on in their neighborhoods and in and nearby neighborhoods, and provide a great opportunity for residents and civic clubs to bring their security concerns directly to the police officers who work in their neighborhoods.  All of University Place (Southampton, Boulevard Oaks, Old Braeswood, Southgate, Morningside Place, Southampton Extension, M.A.M.A. Rice University and the Rice Village) is in H.P.D. South Central’s district, and all residents and business owners in the district are invited to attend these meetings.  South Central HPD’s PIP meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at 2202 St. Emanuel.  The meetings last one hour.  South Central H.P.D.’s telephone number is 832-394-0200.